True20 Prehistoric Bestiary

Monday, June 8, 2009


Type: 12 Level Animal

Size: Huge

Speed: 50 ft.

Abilities: Str +5, Dex +3, Con +3, Int -4, Wis

+2, Cha +0

Skills: Notice 15 (+19)

Feats: Attack Focus (bite), Double Strike,

Improved Grab, Night VisionB, Run, Tough (x1)

Traits: Scent, Snatch, Swallow Whole

Combat: Attack +10 (-2 size, +9 base, +3 Dex)

(+11 bite), Damage +11 (bite), or +8 (claws),

Defense Dodge/Parry +10/-- (-2 size, +9 base, +3

Dex), Initiative +3

Saving Throws: Toughness +10 (+4 size, +3

Con, +2 natural +1 Tough), Fortitude +11 (+8

base, +3 Con), Reflex +11 (+8 base, +3 Dex), Will

+6 (+4 base, +2 Wis)

Skills: An afrovenator has a +2 racial bonus on

Notice checks.

Snatch: An afrovenator can use its Snatch ability

with its claws, targetting creatures up to two sizes

smaller than itself.

Swallow Whole: Creatures up to two sizes

smaller; +8 bludgeoning damage and +3 acid damage per round; gizzard Toughness save +9; an afrovenator’s gizzard can hold 2 Medium, 8 Small, 32 Tiny, or 128 Diminutive or smaller opponents. An afrovenator is a large predator with especially fearsome front claws that it uses to capture its prey. These creatures travel in family groups and chase down any likely-looking prey with their swift pace. More lightly built than other large predatory dinosaurs, afrovenators are speedy and always hungry.

Dinosaurs come in many sizes and shapes. The species detailed and illustrated below are only samples; use your imagination to vary their appearance. Add spikes or sails or frills, colours, feathers and crests as you see fit. Every week newer, more fantastic creatures are being discovered in OUR mundane world, so the possibilities in a fantasy world ought to be even more incredible and spectacular.

These creatures are awe-inspiring in their size and their strangeness. Many travel in immense herds, calling out to each other in rumbling voices that carry for miles. They push over trees and churn the ground to mud wherever they go. The predators are usually speedy and powerful, and hunt in groups. Characters who are discovered by these sharp-toothed animals should be made aware that these are the most terrible hunters ever to walk the land.

Science has little to say on the subject of domesticating these animals, so we've made a bunch of stuff up. If you think that's unreasonable, you probably shouldn't play games about people fighting dinosaurs in the first place.


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