Weta Artists in Magazine Double-Header

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weta Artists in magazine Double Header
Weta artists have recently featured in a well organized double feature in design magazines 3D World and ImagineFX.
3D World magazine
First, Weta Productions animation director Steve Lambert provided a complete (21 page!) step-by-step guide to animating a dinosaur in 3D World.  The contents included:

  • Modelling a basic blockmesh in Maya
  • Refining the form and sculpting surface detail in ZBrush
  • Painting surface textures in ZBrush
  • Setting up a production-quality full-body rig in Maya
  • Keyframing basic walk and run cycles
  • Setting up a subsurface scattering shader network in Maya
  • Rendering the finished animation
The magazine’s companion DVD included seven hours of screen capture videos showing Steve at work.
ImagineFX Cover
ImagineFX followed up with Weta Workshop designer and illustrator Greg Broadmore walking us through the process of creating the Dinosaur used in Steve’s 3D World tutorial.
Greg takes us from basic research into dinosaurs, through deciding on a name to pencil-and-paper sketches, bone models and then detailed colour and texture work in Photoshop.


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