Tigrex - Monster Hunter Freedom 2

Friday, September 25, 2015

Tigrex is a Flying Wyvern introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom 2. It is known to inhabit a variety of environments and can be encountered at all ranks.

Tigrex is a large, quadrupedal wyvern characterized by its massive head and jaws, powerful limbs and striking yellow/blue striped colouration. The top of its head is tipped with a pair of horn-like ears, and its segmented tail ends with a spiny protrusion.

As a pseudowyvern, its wings have evolved into forelegs, which allows it to run at very fasts speeds. Though it possesses a pair of adequately-developed wings, it is rarely seen flying in a traditional sense. It is in fact more prone to gliding from location to location. It has a powerful set of lungs which gives it the ability to produce extremely loud, concussive roars which can physically damage nearby objects. Unlike many other monsters, Tigrex does not wield any elements. Instead, it relies on its sheer brute strength to bring down opponents.

When idle, Tigrex will assume a bipedal gait, standing only upon its hind legs while holding its forelimbs at its side. When threatened or engaging prey, however, it will stand upon all fours and ready itself for combat. It will usually attempt to intimidate would-be attackers with an ear-splitting roar. If combat becomes intense enough, it will flush blood to its forelimbs, face, and eyes, in order to give its skin a bright-red glow as an effort to further intimidate attackers.

The Tigrex can be found in many different environments. Like many wyverns, it will travel far and wide in search of prey.


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