Cretacea: The game of gargantuan survival

Monday, September 26, 2016


 Cretacea is the skirmish wargame of gargantuan survival, inspired primarily by a passion for dinosaur documentaries and dinosaurs themselves.

The cretaceous period of earth’s history was a fruitful and inspiring era full of magical creatures. It has long been my intention to bring these beasts to the table top in a survival based game.

Why survival?...because Cretacea is not just about fight and destroy objectives, it employs the use of roaring and grazing, barging and stomping among a plethora of other genre specific actions that make the game unique.

Cretacea is mainly inspired by nature documentaries and the way in which they depict the characters of the ancient world, fighting to eat, grow and survive!

A game plays in 30-45 mins (genuinely!) therefore, a small "campaign" or "dinosaur life" can be played out in a few hours.

Each game utilizes checks to emulate the real life characteristics of predators and prey respectively. Of course there are only really two teams to choose from, but the animals in those teams are so varied and wonderful that it is all you need.

The game also allows a level of investment in your dinosaur by being able to modify your dinosaur’s stats to suit age should you wish!

Fight to survive and risk it all, or graze peacefully and run when the predators get close. Its your game so it's entirely up to you how you play your dinosaurs!

Utilize a selection of realistic yet crazy mechanics such as stomping tiny creatures with your gargantuan scale dinosaurs or tail whipping enemies as they close in.

By making the most of unique specials for your dinosaur models you can also control the sway of the battle while keeping a steady flow of play due to the minimal models included.

Each game uses about 2-3 dinos a side.

 Although the game is designed to be used with 1/100 scale metal dinosaurs from magister militum the book includes 4 pages of hand drawn dinosaur tokens that have been professionally digitally colored.

Cretaceous Dinosaurs


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