Adventure Locales: The Floating Island I

Monday, January 19, 2009


The large object is a floating island -- a rock about two miles across that has come loose from the sea floor and now poses a hazard to navigation and to life on Faerûn. Once, not long ago, a cleric of Istishia exiled himself here. This cleric incurred Umberlee's anger by using his divine powers to save a ship that Umberlee planned to sink. She smote him with a terrible curse: a wasting disease that eats away at the sanity as well as the body. Since it was highly contagious to humanoids, the cleric fled civilization to live out his life on this lonely island. The few dinosaurs that lived there posed no threat to him, and they actually helped keep others away. In the end, the disease killed him, and just as he died, he uttered a final prayer to Istishia and cast himself into a small lake in the center of the island.

Because the curse did not die with the cleric, Istishia then used his power to cut the island loose from the sea floor and set it adrift. The god then placed a black dragon servant on the island to keep the curse safely away from anyone who would suffer from its effects. Umberlee, who vastly enjoyed the floating island of doom, struck down the black dragon. Before it died, however, it mated with several of the dinosaurs on the island so that they could defend the island. Now the island is nothing more than a floating death trap, which is something that Umberlee really appreciates.

The terrain is mostly plains, with a large lake on the east end and the smaller lake in the center. A mountain rises on the west side, and it was in a cave here that the black dragon lived. The island has a population of six half-dragon deinonychuses, two elasmosauruses in the large lake, a small herd of hylaeosauruses (herbivorous dinosaurs about 12-15 feet long), and the half-dragon tyrannosaurus that protects the lake of the curse. In addition, some smaller mammals, turtles, and fish live on the island or its lakes

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