The Crawling Jungle

Monday, January 19, 2009

Eons ago, a steaming, jungle-covered layer of the Abyss known as N'gharl was condensed down to the size of a human head as punishment for that realm's vile overlord by a gathering of ancient deities. The condensed layer became known as the N'gharl Seed, and it was cast out of the Abyss and onto the Astral Plane by these deities. They promptly forgot it existed, and eventually it found its way to the Prime Material Plane.

Once it arrived here, a curious thing happened. The seed bonded with the jungle surrounding its arrival point, transforming the area into a smaller version of its former glory. Likewise, the inhabitants of the jungle warped and became fiendish mockeries of their original form. Then, a large tyrannosaurus, driven insane by an infestation of brain parasites, stumbled upon the N'gharl Seed, mistook it for food, and ate it. The seed instantly transformed the dinosaur into a horrendously powerful being named Azuvidexus.

via The Crawling Jungle.


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