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This book describes the wildlife, terrain, and other features of Storm Valley, one of the first great valleys of the planet Cretasus to be explored by humans. Storm Valley is notable not merely for its violent weather, but also for the amazing variety of dinosaurs that live there. Many of these creatures were once derived from the “root stock” of Earth dinosaurs, but have evolved into entirely new beasts. They are “dinosaurs that never were” – dinosaurs that could have evolved on Earth but never did, yet have evolved on Cretasus. Although Storm Valley is set in the world of Dinosaur Planet: Broncosaurus Rex, most of this book is world-neutral monster statistics. You can use these creatures in any d20 game world. Where the first two Broncosaurus Rex books focused on creatures with low CR (the better to start low-level campaigns with), this book expands into the higher CRs. Most are in the 6-8 range – but some are as high as 30!

Dinosaurs, the Wild West, Space Travel, and the Civil War...

In the year 2202, dinosaurs have been discovered on the planet Cretasus. But these dinosaurs are just as smart as the humans now flocking to their home. Velociraptors trade in alien weapons, leptoceratops guard their desert secrets, and T-rex dynasties protect their nests from egg raiders. Despite the dinosaurs, human pioneers arrive in droves at New Savannah's busy spaceport. Lured by free land, gold, and simple freedom, they yearn for a new life. Their wagon trails soon trudge west on the rutted path of the Tecumseh Trail, bringing new adventures to Cretasus.

Dinosaur Planet: Broncosaurus Rex is a science fiction world setting. The basic premise is that the Civil War did not end as we know it, but resulted in separate Federal and Confederate nations. This state continued into the space age. In the year 2202, an alien planet full of dinosaurs was discovered, opening new mysteries and establishing the world of Dinosaur Planet: Broncosaurus Rex.

Your character could be a bronco rider, riding the dinosaurs for ranchers, farmers, the military, or pure adventure. You could be a soldier: a Union ironclad pilot, a federal sheriff, or a rebel blockade runner. You could be a street fighter come to find your fortune, or a homeworld dissident fighting for freedom. You could be one of the legendary Wild Ones, fearsome humans who leave human company to sleep with the dinosaurs. You could be a Union machinist, always equipped with the latest technology. You could be an idealistic infantryman, a freelance dino hunter, a warp pirate, a Union turncoat, an outer ranges explorer, a dino rustler, or an alien hunter. The world of Broncosaurus Rex is in your hands!

Dinosaur Planet: Broncosaurus Rex Role Playing Game


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