Dinosaurs in Science Fiction Literature

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

(compiled by M.K. Brett-Surman)A Guide to Stories, Novels, Anthologies and Pulps.
(This list does NOT include comics, Young Adult or juvenile stories.)L(please send additions/corrections to brettsur@si.edu)

The original "DINOSAURS IN SCIENCE FICTION" file was compiled by Michael K.Brett-Surman in the 1980s. A printed version of this file, covering publications only toDecember, 1996, appeared in the award winning book THE COMPLETE DINOSAUR, IndianaUniversity Press, edited by J.O. Farlow and M.K. Brett-Surman, 1997. That version iscopyrighted by Indiana University Press © 1997.

This version is copyrighted by M.K. Brett-Surman © 2006. All U.S. and internationalrights reserved. Copying, distributing, or publishing the data in any manner or media for personal or corporate gain is not permitted. The DINOSAURS IN SCIENCE FICTION file is presented for non-commercial, personal use only.

Thanks to the following people for additions and corrections: Forrey Ackerman, DeanHannotte, Donald F. Glut, Jeff Poling, Walter J. Williams, Stephen Dedman, Robert Sawyer,Tom Tyrberg, Bob Walters, Walter J. Williams, Thomas Diehl, Stephan Pickering, Steve Carper,Tom Hopp, Tom Wright, “ValourX”, “majalak”, and Václav Petr.The last update was in May, 2006.


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