DDM Macetail Behemoth

Monday, January 19, 2009

Most animals in the game are Neutral, allowing them to work in any faction. This makes sense, because most animals are dumb, and the political differences of factions are pretty much lost on them. Many other animals in the game are Chaotic Good, which puts them with the hippy, animal-loving, druid-type commanders, which also works pretty well. Then there are a bunch of animals that are Celestial or Fiendish, giving them Good or Evil alignments, and that all seems fine to me, too. Where I run into problems is when you find a dinosaur that for some reason cares enough about the causes of Law and Good that it's willing to lay down its life (walnut-sized brain and all) for them.

I think the key is that, because the Macetail is kinda slow (thanks to average speed coupled with a Large base and no Melee Reach) and has a great AC and Level, someone told him that he should be a Lawful Good creature. It's the same as telling really tall people that they should play basketball.

via DDM Macetail Behemoth.


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